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September 26, 2009

New Blogs

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My personal blog is now located at

I hope to export my WordPress entries from here to my (custom domain) Blogger (Google) based blog.

I am also now publishing a “Web-links” blog with links to lots of interesting stuff on the web.

Check out my WebLinks blog at


April 10, 2009


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I started this blog last year as a bit of an experiment and to teach myself blogging and online publishing. The WordPress system is amazingly easy to use, but to continue my blogging experiment (and self education) I thought I would check out the opposition at Google’sBlogger“, so I’ve started a new “blogspot” to continue my rants until I dedcide what (and where) I am am going to do in the blogasphere!

My new blog is simply called “Simon Says” and can be found at  Meanwhile, this WordPress blog page will remain active, and I may end up returning if I continue to blog and decide I don’t like the Google way of doinig things, time will tell.

To the handful of people who have read my posts here at WordPress, I hope you can join me at Blogger.



April 8, 2009

Hollywood tries to get Real

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So once again Hollywood is going to court in the US to fight against copying of DVD movies.  Who are they targeting this time?  The bootleggers who make hundreds of copies to sell and make a quick dollar?  No.  They are fighting Real Networks (the company behind the “Real Player”) who offered a program in the states to allow people to make up to five copies of DVDs they owned.  This was to allow people to keep original discs safe from scratches (just about any disc younger kids get a hold of) or to store on your laptop’s hard-drive to watch without running the battery down by spinning the disc drive for the length of a movie. Digital music stores like iTunes (“iTunes Plus“) and Bigpond Music are starting to realise that there isn’t much point to DRM protected songs (after all, there’s no DRM on CDs that anyone can rip into MP3 tracks). When is Hollywood going to wake-up?

See these links for more; RealDVDLitigation update, Blogs and PodCasts.

March 28, 2009

Newborn Baby Karla

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It doesn’t matter how many times you witness child birth, it will always be the most amazing experience – especially when it’s your own child entering the world.

My third child (first daughter), Karla Renee Yeo, and my wife Mandy.

My third child (first daughter), Karla Renee Yeo, and my wife Mandy.

March 25, 2009

flickr stats through the roof (part 2)

Ok, I’ve worked out why my flickr stats have gone through the roof.  Delving deeper into the flickr stats page, it seems that some of my 2009 Melbourne Motor Show pics have been linked to from a Yahoo! Autos review of the Geneva AutoShow.


Five of the six pictures on this box on the Yahoo! Autos page are mine.  The first photo of the yellow Nissan is also the picture receiving the most views in my flickr photostream – it’s now over 10,000 (up 4,500 since my original post 12 hours ago).


Of course, once you have been linked from a high traffic web site like Yahoo! the hits then snowball.  Little things like lots of tags (such as “autoshow”) on my photos and giving the best shots a Creative Commons licence would have helped, but I’m amazed at the number of views my flickr site has received.


flickr stats through the roof

I love taking photos, and I’ve taken a liking to publishing them on for the world to see.  Until today, I used to get a bit chuffed when a particular photo recorded over 100 views (my most popular was a three wheel motor bike taken at Cranbourne in 2007 with 181 views). In the past 24 hours, however, my flickr photostream has had over 45,000 views.  Seven individual photos have recorded over 1,000 views, the most popular is currently sitting on 5,653 (and growing by about 200 every half an hour!)

Most of these high viewings are of pictures taken at the Melbourne Motor Show and posted to flickr three weeks ago.  When I checked flickr Monday night, some of the good motor show pics were nudging 100 views, how does the traffic jump so much almost over night?  Should I be worried that pictures of my kids also scored a lot of hits, or is that just people clicking through the recent postings to the motor show pics?

my flickr stats skyrocketing

my flickr stats skyrocketing

March 24, 2009


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I haven’t posted a blog for a while (‘been real busy at work), but I’m on holidays now, waiting for the new baby to enter the world, so I might start writing a bit more.

January 7, 2009

PC virus infection

Our Laptop become very sick recently, it all started with what looks like a Windows balloon that pops up from the taskbar to warn of a “security problem”.


However, clicking this balloon unleashes an onslaught of warnings – most of them fake.

The first appears to be a genuine Windows Defender Trojan warning.


This Windows warning gave away the name of the bug.

The next thing you now the default browser launches (in this case Firefox) and a “Reported Attack Site” Warning.


Clicking on either of these buttons launches another browser based virus warning.


Even clicking on “Cancel” here opens the so called “Antivirus 2009”.



The next thing you know we’re on a web page designed to look like “My Computer” in WindowsXP claiming numerous infections.


Had I been running XP (instead of Vista) with I.E. as my default browser (instead of Firefox) this could have looked very real.

A full scan using the installed McAfee Antivirus, and a few different online scans, failed to pick up any infection.

A quick check of the start up programmes on the lap top revealed two new programmes…

startup-crop“a.exe” and “tmpb.exe” are both new.

A check of our browsing history shows my wife had Googled “Pamela Anderson” and had checked a few of the results pages at the time these files were installed.

I tried numerous ways to clear the laptop of this bug, without success, and ended up resorting to a clean install of Windows.

Be Warned – If you want to know about Pamela Anderson, stick to Baywatch re-runs!

December 10, 2008

2009 Chevy Camaro – Melbourne, Australia

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2009 Chevy Camaro – Melbourne, Australia

Originally uploaded by simonsnokia

This looks like a 2009 Chevrolet Camaro, spotted on the Monash Freeway in Melbourne Australia.
Wheels magazine reports (December 2008) the car has been developed in Oz, will be built in Canada and released to the US on February 16 2009.

October 30, 2008

Baby Ultrasound

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Originally uploaded by smjb

Even though this is our third child, seeing your unborn “wave” on an ultrasound is amazing. This picture is our baby at 19 weeks gestation.

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